Performance Coach

When I coach, the goal is always to maximize the individual’s potential. The most important thing is to not be affected by the result, neither in the short nor long term. It is crucial for future success that the player/person is able to come back as soon as possible after a slump. The goal is to own your own energy and not be influenced by external circumstances.

Golf Days

I have done many sponsor days/corporate days through the years and they have all looked very different. If you want to host a golf day for your particular company, please contact me immediately.

Swedish Challenge

The competition began as a small “mini tour” with 40 players and has now, some 10 years later, grown into the second biggest golf tournament in Sweden. The group that runs the contest has put an enormous effort into it, and without the members’ support it wouldn’t have been possible. A great reminder that a small town or club can do great things when everyone pulls in the same direction. I’m very proud to be hosting!

RK Junior Open

The tournament is open to all and is played both as Stableford and open play; the only requirement is that you must be under 21 years old. The ninth edition took place this year (2016) with 130 participants.

Throughout my career, it’s been natural for me to give back to young people in different ways. It feels great that this competition has grown this much.


The set-up of my lectures depends on what the group looks like and what problems/challenges they face. However, I will always include how to relate to other people, and bad/unexpected results. Naturally, I will also talk about my background and what keys I have used to turn failure into success.

Everyone has so much more in them than they think. I truly mean EVERYONE.

Some stories from life on the tour and other suitable things.


Golf Course Design