Robert Karlsson, 2018 AD

I love to play golf and have always strived to develop my game. This applies even more today than in the past – I increasingly try to learn from my experiences, both on and off the golf course. This is especially important since my new goal is to share my knowledge and experiences with other athletes.

I took a first step in this direction together with the Swedish Golf Federation when I began working with the women’s national team, especially with Madelene Sagström when she turned pro. It’s been very rewarding to see that my skills combined with my experiences have made a difference. But perhaps more importantly, I realized that by supporting others, you learn a lot yourself.

Something else that’s close to my heart is the golf tournament on the course where I grew up; Swedish Challenge at Katrineholms GK. Here too, the keyword has been development. The competition actually began as a small “mini tour” with 40 players and has now, some 10 years later, grown into the second biggest golf tournament in Sweden. The group that runs the competition has put an enormous effort into it, and without the members’ support it wouldn’t have been possible. A great reminder that a small town or club can do great things when everyone pulls in the same direction. I’m very proud to be hosting!

Although I’m increasingly beginning to see other values outside of golf, I still have a lot to do on golf courses around the world.